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Achieving a Higher Level of Health
Balance, Toxicity and Harmony
by Karyne and B. William Meads

“Every week there are little miracles that occur. Recently we worked with a 5 year-old boy, who had chronically inflamed adnoids and chronic ear infections. His physician was recommending an adnoidectomy and was going to insert tubes in his ears. After one Quantum Spectra-Vision Scan and the use of homeopathic remedies for a month or so, the child returned to his physician, who decided the surgery was no longer needed." -- Dr. Andy Ptak

The body is designed for wellness.
All of its innate functions and processes are focused on one thing -- maintaining the health of the organism. Long-term health is the goal behind the principle of homeostasis. Homeostasis is essentially the management of internal affairs; a dynamic and complex mechanism of checks and balances that strives 24/7 to keep the body in balance. In this respect, balance and wellness are inseparable. Both are concerned with the preservation of health and the body's will to survive. The vast majority of imbalances are corrected uneventfully without our awareness; but in the pursuit of long-term health, sometimes short-term imbalances must be experienced in order to meet the primary objective.

Imbalances can be caused by the stress of relationships, worries, financial concerns, toxic emotions, toxic junk foods and pollution. They all take their toll and will eventually extract payments from the body. If it cannot keep up the payments, ill health will occur.

The body will re-organize, downsize and declare bankruptcy if necessary for the greater good of the organism. Acute symptoms and illnesses are all part of the management plan. If imbalances are not properly corrected, and if the stresses mount, they get factored into the plan and become constraints, hindering future attempts to correct further imbalances. As chronic stress continues for a long period of time, and this deep imbalance predominates, the cycle begins to spiral down toward degeneration and disease. At the extreme end of the plan, the cancerous tumor is the body's attempt to isolate toxicity in order to maintain overall homeostasis or balance. Everything from allergies to angina to lymphoma is an indication of the body's efforts to respond to a long-term stress that is creating an imbalance. The body is doing the best it can with what it has in order to maintain life as long as possible.

It may sound ruthless and self-defeating, but the body will utilize all of its available resources (note: available resources), and if necessary, will even sacrifice one piece or process at a time in order to survive. Dr. Bernard Jensen states that stress uses up valuable nutritional resources that the body has need of elsewhere.

Homotoxins and Health
The term homotoxin (homo = human; toxin = poison) refers to any substance to which the body has an adverse or toxic reaction. Such substances include metabolic waste, hazardous environmental material such as pesticides or air pollution and by-products of viruses and bacteria. Toxins that cannot be eliminated from the body are at the root cause of illness and death. The ideal healthy body -- one that is stress controlled, nourished, and balanced physically, mentally and emotionally -- will avoid disease, having minimal susceptibility to toxins because it has the resources available to throughly eliminate toxins from the system before they have any long-term affect. Homotoxicology --the study of the effects of toxicity on the balance and harmony of the human organism --provides significant insight into life extension practices and freedom from disease.

Harmony and Homeopathy
The Eastern or Chinese model of medicine sees health as a state of harmonic balance, supported by the uninterrupted flow of life energy or CHI throughout the organism. The objective of a wellness practicioner is to offer the patient the tools by which balance and harmony can be restored. Homeopathy is just such a tool. During the Quantum Spectra-Vision testing, the exact remedy and potency are indicated with this technology. There is no guesswork as to which one of thousands of remedies the patient should be taking. Using dilutions of natural substances to stimulate the body's self-healing processes, homeopathy provides the support that allows the body to rebound and return to its natural state of balance. The principles of homeopathy therefore align with the Eastern model of harmony and health, where a balanced state of being provides the greatest opportunity for achieving and maintaining optimal wellness.

Western medicine is only now beginning to recognize this 5,000-year-old wisdom of health and knowledge from China, which correlates perfectly with the 250-year-old Homeopathic principles. Both are combined seamlessly in the technology of the Spectra-Vision, bringing balance to all systems of the body, mind and spirit. It shifts one's attention to the TRUE meaning of preventive medicine -- not the early detection of pathology, but rather a pro-active commitment to lifestyle practices that promote longevity.

As this article goes to press, my personal emotional balance has been sent reeling with the tragic car accident death of my sister, Rosina Lee Richardson Buckley. My best friend growing up, and my hero in a joyful life of love and giving to her family. Her leaving this earth plane so suddenly has caused us all to realize that we are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience, not the other way around. To honor her memory, I would like to share with you all, some of the most profound words ever spoken by my teacher and mentor: Spencer Wooley (1950-2000) the inventor of the Quantum Spectra-Vision. It definitely relates to the topic of balance and wellness at its core.

Spirit is the internal reference point of life. It represents the immeasurable potential of all that was, is or will be. Within that infinite potential we limit ourselves by our thoughts. We stand at the center of our existence unaware that we are defined not so much by the space we occupy, as by the space that contains us. Fear, judgment and control protect us like so many layers of thick skin. Beyond this barrier is Life waiting to happen, to be realized or “actualized". Life is for learning the truth in all things -- for recognizing the intelligence of God and all things. Truth is but an expression of spirit. It is non-toxic, fearless and without judgment. If truth is absolute, it is bound only by Love.

Life's goal is not to outwit death and disease, or “get out alive" but to become conscious and self-actualized, aware and able to handle any and all changes without fear and with an understanding of the message of truth contained in the change. To be a conscious, self-actualized person means to break free from the limits of Self by surrendering self-will to divine will. It means to be aware of the body as an expression of spirit, a physical carrier of consciousness. It means to live life with love, honor and forgiveness. To accept change as it comes, and to understand that what is needed and appropriate will always manifest in its own time and way.

There are many lessons to be learned on the way to achieving the goal. Let the physical world and your body be your teachers. Align them with spirit -- and don't skip school!