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Cellular CPR
by Karyne and B. William Meads

What if... cells could talk and tell us what's wrong?
What if... cells could communicate what was causing the most stress?
What if... cells could "breathe" better (cellular respiration) if you gave them CPR?
What if... cells had the ability to let you know what specific nutrients you needed to be taking to help them repair themselves?

You've just arrived at the hospital after a frantic drive through traffic. Your husband has had a heart attack and they have taken him to the Emergency Room. You hear some one shout "Stand Clear" and you know they are trying to get his heart pumping again using electro-magnetic medical life saving devices. Like jump-starting a low battery in your car using the electrical energy of another car's engine. In just a few minutes the doctor comes out and assures you that everything is OK. He will recover fully.

Now, picture a single cell inside your body. For some reason, the receptor sites on the cell membrane surface aren't opening and closing and so...the cell is not "breathing". Suddenly, a stream of electro-magnetic information begins streaming in and around the cell. Accupoint cellular CPR is being given. The cells are bathed in minute currents of electro-magnetic fields that lend just enough current so the cell receptor sites can begin to open and close. At the SETI Institute, Cellular CPR is administered many times each day using the Quantum Spectra-Vision™ device. A small probe the size of a Q-tip pressed against a finger or a toe is all that is needed to send the life giving energy into the specific cells or organs that need a jump-start. The procedure is completely non- invasive. Even babies respond with a smile from the slight tickle they might feel from it. This is a happy marriage of East and West. Acupuncture without needles. Electro-magnetic machines that pin-point where the problem is, and deliver the energy right to the cell wall site that needs it.

On a holistic level, the human body is a complex sensing organism with innate intelligence, capable of processing everything that enters into its environment. Processing stimuli thousands of times per second, the body strives to sustain a balance between systems (called homeostasis). The body's self-regulation of all its systems is critical to our overall well-being.

So remarkable is the body's drive to maintain balance that even in the face of extreme stress, we are often unaware of imbalance until the body's coping mechanisms are overloaded and physical symptoms manifest themselves. For example, ailments such as ADD, ADHD, PDD, Dyslexia, Autism and Depression don't develop overnight although they may reveal themselves suddenly.

According to Sidney MacDonald Baker, M.D., answers to what is causing the imbalance might be found in the response to "get" and "rid" questions. "What does the individual need to get? The person may need to add vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids, accessory and conditionally essential nutrients, light, love, and rhythmic integration. What does the individual need to get rid of? The person may need to eliminate toxins (biogenic, elemental, synthetic) and allergens (food, mold, dust, animal products, pollens, chemicals), and microbes."

Many people take minerals and vitamins with no noticeable results. Why? The cells need a jump-start so they can have the energy to open and close. Their own energy is too low. This would describe chronic illnesses of all kinds as well as chronic metabolic issues like ADD/ADHD and Autism. But after an Accupoint Therapy and Cellular CPR, the cells begin to respond and begin to function normally again.

What if there existed a technology that quantitatively ascertained the exact answers to the "GET" and "RID" questions for EACH individual, thus eliminating any guesswork?

According to Dr. Richard Gerber in his book Vibrational Medicine, the instrumentation already exists which can "extend our physical senses to perceive the subtle energies of this invisible realm." Of the Quantum Spectra Vision™, Dr. Gerber says, "this system is one of the best available for this class of biofeedback technology. I highly recommend it." A multi-channel biofeedback instrument, the Quantum Spectra Vision™ offers the promise of discoveries and applications about which humans have only dreamed.

The Quantum Spectra-Vision™ Technology has the ability to test over 9,000 substances and receives a detailed response back from the body, which is then recorded in the computer. It taps into, or ‘eavesdrops' on the body's communication systems-much like the Internet. This revolutionary technology has been developed through combined efforts in Germany and the US., employing the landmark findings of Dr. Alfred Gilman, M.D.

"Dr. Gilman, a recent Nobel Prize winner from the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center, found that cells communicated through RF frequencies. The site of transduction was the cell wall. For his research, he and his colleagues received the Nobel Prize in 1994. Dr. Gilman's discovery has been called ‘the single most important unifying concept in modern-day biology.' And it appears to validate a healing art that is more than 4000 years old, namely electro-magnetic energy channels." James Clark -- Computerized Electrodermal Screening

Quantum Spectra-Vision™ testing is a method of measuring electrical responses of the body, which helps identify various stressors that might interfere with the bio-electrical communication process within the body. The evaluation may include recommendations for natural remedies, stress reduction methods and/or nutritional changes designed to balance bio-energy and enhance overall wellness. These recommendations are not cures for any known diseases, nor do they need to be. It is NOT a method of diagnosing illness, nor are the suggested remedies designed to replace any of the medications or treatments currently being provided or recommended by a primary care practitioner.

Stress is defined as "a maladaptive response to change in the environment." Finding ways to deal with stress is critical to wellness. Although stress affects individuals differently, one fact is beyond dispute: stress, especially unresolved, long-term stress, is a primary contributor to psychological and biological illness.
By monitoring the body's response to electrical impulses, Quantum Spectra-Vision™ testing taps into the body's own data communication pathway and then maps the stress blueprint of the body. This provides non-invasive testing to determine stress responses and functional imbalances in the body.

How: Everything in the universe has a frequency and vibration (E=MC2 means that all matter is just a form of energy, only the vibration rate is much slower). Quantum Spectra-Vision™ testing uses electromagnetic information that flows through the fluid in the mesenchyme just beneath the skin, acting as a communication network. This bioenergetic communication network, which includes the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridian system, precedes and directs the biochemical and neurological networks of the body. Without communication there is confusion and chaos, internally as well as externally.

The Multi-Channel System uses electrodes on the head, wrist and ankles to test skin resistance, and the machine broadcasts a wave for each substance into your body, using very low voltage that you can't feel, then measures your galvanic skin response to that signal. In short, Quantum Spectra-Vision™ testing eavesdrops on your communication Internet for what is out-of-sequence, out-of-phase, not connected, not coherent-for what is stressed.

Quantum Spectra-Vision™ Test Results
The testing identifies responses both to, and within, your body, including toxic load, allergic response, or energetic imbalance to:

  • Toxins -chemical, microbial, heavy metal, inhalants (pollens, molds, etc.),viral and vaccine reactions;
  • Foods, nutrients and enzymes;
  • Body systems, organs and processes (metabolism, acid/alkaline balance, etc.). The testing provides information for the type of support you may need to help you reduce these stressors and balance deficiencies, including:
  • Self care-dietary adjustments, orthomolecular nutrition, environmental alterations, etc.;
  • Other healthcare providers, such as follow-up testing for physicians (MD or N.D.), dental problems, spinal misalign-ments for osteopathic/cranial-sacral/chiropractic adjustments, imbalanced acupuncture points, nutritional issues, homeopathic remedies.